CCC feedback form

1. How did we do?

We are continually developing the Care Coordination Centre (CCC) to respond to the needs of patients, service users and professionals and we are really keen to capture your views which can help us establish areas of development and what works well. Please take 1 minute to respond to the following questions about the Care Coordination Centre. This is a heartfelt effort to connect better with you and to harness your ideas about the improvements we can make to deliver better outcomes for all.

1. Are you:


2. I contacted the Care Coordination Centre by:


3. What was the reason for your contact with the East Staffordshire Co-ordination Centre?


4. Please tell us how the member of staff handled your enquiry

They were quick and efficient
They were knowledgeable
They were polite and courteous
They were helpful and friendly
They listened to my enquiry
They resolved my enquiry
Were you made aware of what would happen next following your call to the CCC
If you sent an email, were satisfied with the acknowledgement

5. To what extent were your communication needs met

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I was able to hear the member of staff clearly
The member of staff understood my enquiry

6. To what extent were you satisfied or dissatisfied with the overall service you received?


7. How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed this service?


8. Are there any other comments you would like to make?