BANES Integrated Care Record Public Survey

Virgin Care are committed to working with our partner health and social care providers across Bath and North East Somerset to deliver on our vision of the service user only having to tell their story once. Part of our strategy to help us deliver this vision is the introduction of one BANES health and care record, which will take relevant service user information from all the different health and social care systems across BANES eg GPs, community services to allow health and social care staff to deliver joined up service user care. One BANES health and care record will allow you to view a limited set of your own records via a secure portal. We need your help in designing the portal to ensure it works as well as it can and is as user-friendly as it can possibly be.

1. Our new portal is a secure, online website that gives service users convenient 24 hour access to personal health and care information from anywhere with an internet connection. Using a secure username and password you will be able to view health and care information which could include notes of recent doctors visits, discharge summaries, medications, care plans etc.

How likely are you to use the portal?


2. If so, what would you be most likely to use it for?


3. If yes, what other information would you like to see on there?


4. If no, why not?


5. Any thoughts about what the portal should look like?


6. Where would you like to access the portal?


7. Please give examples of websites you like that are easy to access.


8. Please give us any ideas for a name for the portal.